Fr. Timothy Reimer, Rector

Fr. Timothy Reimer has been the rector of St. Luke's Anglican Church since 2016. He grew up in Alaska, studied at a Bible College in West Virginia, went to seminary and was ordained in Texas, and is thrilled to now call New York home. One of Fr. Timothy's passions is to help people view others through the eyes of Jesus, who looked at the woman caught in adultery and said, "where are your accusers, neither do I accuse you," who looked at the divisions in humanity and pleaded with the Father that, "they would be one, even as you and I are one," and who called out from the cross, "Father, forgive them." 

In addition to his parish ministry, Fr. Timothy teaches Biblical Languages at Cranmer Theological House. His academic interests and research includes Old Testament Literary Criticism and Ancient Near Eastern Cultural and Literary Studies. He is blessed with a wife, Shanna, and two children, Ziona and Maximus, who are constant reminders to him of the goodness of God.