Called to Transformation

As we journey through this season of ordinary time after Pentecost, we are called to grow. In these days, we are to take what we have experienced from the transformation reality of the story of reconciliation that was played out for us from our anticipation of the Messiah at Advent through the shining of the light of Christ to the world through the introspection of Lent, the mourning of Holy Week, the thrill of Easter, and the world’s receipt of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost. This is not just a story that is told to tickle our minds, but is a story that we participate in as the church which is to lead to a transformed self as we seek to be like Christ himself.

Richard Rohr, in Things Hidden: Scripture as Spirituality, describes our sacramental life in the church as opening us up to the mystical reality of this call to transformation.

Wherever Eucharist is found, you will also find a much stronger incidence of mystical, instead of merely moralistic, Christianity.

So we have water, the first invitation to an inner life of union. Then we have blood, which symbolizes the difficult price of union. Finally, we have bread, the ongoing feed of that union. Watch for these bookmarks throughout the biblical text, and you will see they are inviting you deeper into union with the God who is always inviting, challenging and consoling. . . 

What the biblical revelation is achieving is basically a very different consciousness, a recreated self, an ‘identity transplant’—just as today we talk about kidney and heart transplants. The text is inviting us slowly, little by little, into a very, very different sense of who we are.

We are not our own! Or as I tell the men at the initiation rites, “Your life is not about you.” We move from the lesser self to the Greater Self.

Saint Paul knew this well. He says, “I live now not my own life, but the life of Christ who lives in me” (Galatians 2:20). In the spiritual journey you come to the day where you know you’re not just living your own life. You realize that Someone Else is living in you and through you, that you are part of a much Bigger Mystery. You realize that you’re a mere drop in the Bigger Ocean, and what’s happening in the ocean is happening in you.

May we learn to see ourselves in this Bigger Ocean of the Mystery of the wonder of the divine!